collection of LCD & LED TV " LG ,PHILIPS ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,SONY " Repair Tips

collection of  LCD & LED TV " LG ,PHILIPS ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,SONY " Repair Tips 

 How to Isolate the LCD " LG ,PHILIPS ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,SONY " TV downside quick:

  • A) Basic data
  • C) the tactic and Tools to assist Isolate LCD TV  " LG ,PHILIPS ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,SONY "  downside    

Another Main Board Secrets Repair Tips

Main Board Repair Tips

This Main Board Secrets Repair Tips will Apply to?     

a way to realize a Substitution of SPI non-volatile storage and EEPROM ICs in LCD/LED TV  and Monitor of  " LG ,PHILIPS ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,SONY "

  • a way to opt for a Substitute EEPROM IC    
  • am i able to Replace the EEPROM IC with different Brands IC?     
  • a way to opt for a Substitute Serial SPI non-volatile storage    
  • Serial SPI non-volatile storage Substitute/Compatible List    
  • what's light-emitting diode Driver in LED TV?     

LED Backlight Repair Tips for LED TV   of  " LG ,PHILIPS ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,SONY "

a way to Bypass LED TV electrical converter Board conclusion Backlight System electrical converter IC List

the tactic of a way to realize LCD & light-emitting diode TV Panel/Screen as a Replacement or Equivalen 

:The T-CON Board 

  • a way to GAMMA Channels Voltages and Vcom Voltages (Common Voltage)      
  • what's going to happen once Vcom/VCM voltage missing?     
  • a way to recognize the GAMMA Channels Voltages traditional or Abnormal    
  • Why when Replace the AS15-G to AS15-HG the TV Still Has Problem?     

numerous of T-CON Board Voltage Testing Points and Their Symptom once Voltage Fail to seems

  • Repair Case Study for T-CON Board     
  • T-CON Board Repair Tips     

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