The Forex trading course a self-study guide to becoming a successful currency trader FREE BOOK PDF FULL 2022.

 The Forex Trading Course a Self-study guide to Becoming a Successful currency trader FREE BOOK PDF FULL 2022.


The Forex :

the forex or foreign exchange market is one of the world's largest financial markets in terms of liquidity, with an average volume of more than $5 trillion per day.

 Forex is a direct trading type, short for Foreign Exchange Market 

- the forex trading market 

- by trading a currency against another currency, often with the aim of making a profit.

 In addition, the forex market is one of the most mobile and active financial markets, and it also provides its users with high levels of liquidity that most other markets miss. 

Currency pairs and trading price: 

Currencies in the forex market are traded in pairs such as sterling against the US dollar, US dollar against the euro, for profit through spreads. 

The currency rates in Forex are determined based on the rate of supply and demand, while the price differences between them are known as "spreads". 

Below are the most common currency pairs in the Forex world: 

Euro/United States Dollar (USD/EUR). 

GBP/USD is referred to as "USD/GBP". 

US Dollar/Japanese Yen is referred to as JPY/USD. 

Euro/Japanese yen is referred to as JPY/EUR. 

Australian Dollar/United States Dollar (USD/AUD). New Zealand Dollar/United States Dollar (USD/NZD). 

Canadian Dollar/United States Dollar (USD/CAD). 

The forex market has a lot of different currencies from all over the world, and foreign currencies in the market are divided into: major currencies, secondary currencies and western couples. 

The 7 's main spouses include more common couples, the aforementioned. While in secondary pairs major currencies are traded between them except in the US dollar. 

Exotic couples have one main currency and one secondary currency such as USDNOK and EURTRY. Major currencies depend entirely on the world's strongest economies such as the United States, Japan, Switzerland, the eurozone, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The currency pair trading rate is the value of the priced currency you can buy for one unit of the base currency. 

For example: EUR and USD are the most popular and traded currency pair in the Forex market. When you're looking for an EUR/USD exchange rate, you want to know how much dollar (priced currency) you can buy for EUR 1 (base currency). If the EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.2356, it means you can buy USD 1.2356 for every EUR 1. 

If the exchange rate is upward, this means that the base currency is getting stronger against the secondary currency. If the exchange rate is downward, this means that the base currency weakens against the secondary currency. 

On the other hand, spreads vary according to the popularity of each currency pair, which is determined by the daily trading volume of the pair, and the volume of liquidity and spreads are usually linked to a pecuniary relationship, meaning that higher liquidity results in lower spreads and vice versa. 

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