The Ultimate Laptop "HP / LENOVO / SONY/ TOSHIBA / ASUS ... " Repairing Course

The Ultimate Laptop " HP / LENOVO / SONY/ TOSHIBA / ASUS ...  " Repairing Course

This book is considered an integrated guide for anyone who wants to start fasting a laptop, so that it explains all the details of the physical components, that is, the computer hardware, whether for a laptop, as well as the specifications of each of the and how to know them, so that he is fully informed in this book of many important concepts and procedures for the maintenance of software and hardware :

* On how to manage laptops and the supplies we need

* The proper ways to disassemble these very sensitive devices and the precautions to take.

1- Knowing the computer /Laptop components and the specifications of each of them in boring detail, as well as the most prominent companies that produce them and what to choose

2- We will learn step by step how to format the computer/Laptop , including the partitioning of the disks, the installation of the operating system and the definitions that are very important for the computer to work properly without any problems.

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