eBOOK : Astrocytes Wiring The Brain PDF 2023

 eBOOK : Astrocytes Wiring The Brain pdf 2023

Electronics is the branch of engineering, physics, and technology that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, and associated interconnect technologies.

Today, it is no secret that civilization today is based on industry, and one of the most important industries is the manufacturing of electronic devices. To continue in this field, we need to know this science and study its basics.

In this part of electronic book download , we put in your hands this collection of free book in English to download on electronics in all its fields, starting from the basics of electronics and electricity, to how to draw electronic diagrams and develop electronic reports, to draw electronic diagrams by computer, for power electronics, digital and linear circuits And integrated circuits to learn the maintenance of electronic devices of all kinds....etc.

Finally, the purpose of what we hope by downloading these books on electronics is that these books on electronics are a cornerstone in the construction of a generation with scientific ammunition that will be a suitable nucleus for the advancement of our societies to the highest levels.

Electronics is part of a larger field, that of electricity. Electricity consists of two important elements: 1- electric current and 2- electric voltage. Electric current is the flow of electric charges, while electric voltage is a kind of "pressure" (or force) that causes charges to move in one direction. One of the common uses of electricity is to provide homes and institutions with the energy used to provide light and heat, and to run motors.

Electronics deals primarily with the use of current and voltage to carry electrical signals. An electrical signal is an axis of electrical current (or voltage) of some sort to represent information. They can represent sounds, pictures, numbers, letters, computer instructions or other information. Signals can also be used to count objects, measure temperature and time, and detect radioactive chemicals.

Electronics depends on some highly specialized components, such as transistors and integrated circuits, which are part of almost all electronic equipment. The value of such devices lies in their ability to process signals very quickly. Some components can respond to signals millions of times per second.

The field of microelectronics concerns the design and production of microcomponents, especially integrated circuits, and electronic equipment using such components. Manufacturers can produce millions of microscopic electronic components on a piece of material called a chip, no larger than a fingernail.

The field of electronics has developed and expanded dramatically, and the old definitions no longer suffice at all, and what is new today becomes old tomorrow because of the rapid development of this field, which has invaded all areas of life, and purely electronic devices such as television, radio, and telephone, as well as devices that control the operation of other machines such as mechanical machines, electric motors, airplanes, spacecraft, and weapons, the backbone of life in the contemporary world.

The Practical Electronics and microelectronics 


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